The Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh is the leading Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) organization in Western Pennsylvania. Its mission is to be a vigilant catalyst for change that produces increased opportunities and a high quality of life for the LGBT community.

Any goods and services provided by the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh to benefit the community shall be provided to all who seek them without regard to their ability to pay for what they receive.

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Originally incorporated on July 17, 1996 as a spin-off of the Lambda Foundation, the Delta Foundation was created as a non-profit organization for the purposes of uniting and fostering good fellowship and social interaction among LGBT residents in the metropolitan Pittsburgh area.

In 2006, a different group of interested LGBT business owners and citizens came together with the idea of energizing Pittsburgh’s social scene and helping the community financially. Three events were held that raised over $35,000 and after observing their success and desire to form their own non-profit organization, the founding members of the Delta Foundation offered to cede leadership of their organization to the new group.

* Produced the largest Pride event in Pennsylvania, which is also the 4th largest special event in the City of Pittsburgh, attracting 100,000 people over a 10 day period to downtown Pittsburgh.

* Collaborated with Allegheny County to establish a Human Relations Commission that protects LGBT individuals from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations.

* Worked with City Councilman Kraus to pass equal benefits legislation that will require City contractors to offer their employees same-sex partnership benefits making Pittsburgh just the 13th city in the U.S. to offer this.

* The Delta Foundation has been featured on every major electronic, print and social media outlet and has positioned itself as the authority on LGBT news and issues with the members of the media.

* Coordinated the efforts of the annual (PITTSBURGH)RED/World AIDS Day event each December in conjunction with the City of Pittsburgh Office of the Mayor and over 30 non-profit organizations and corporations.

* Joined forces with Visit Pittsburgh to offer the TAG Approved program to area hotels to help accommodations effectively reach and sensitively serve the LGBT community.

* We will be starting a series called speakOUT which will bring a high-profile LGBT speaker to Pittsburgh to address the corporate and business community.

* Held the first annual Equality Gala black-tie ball featuring entertainment with Bernadette Peters and added a unique twist by recognizing community leaders and corporations in the LGBT community.

* Started a new LGBT publication called Equal Magazine, which has a circulation of 10,000 each month.

* In seven years, the Delta Foundation has supported the LGBT community by giving away over $75,000.

* The Pittsburgh corporate community has embraced our advocacy work and we’re proud to include many of them as our partners.

We believe that collaboration is the key to our success and we pride ourselves on the relationships we have cultivated with organizations such as: Visit Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, City of Pittsburgh, ACLU, Stonewall Democrats, Equality PA, Pennsylvania Diversity Network, Keystone Progress and others.

As Richard Florida stated in The Rise of the Creative Class, “the most successful regions welcome all kinds of people. The presence of an LGBT community in large numbers is an indicator of an underlying culture that is open-minded and diverse. People look for cities with lots of gay people when they are hunting for a place to live and work. The presence of gays signals an exciting place, where people can fit in and be themselves.“